Red Clock Artwork

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A figure with a large eye for a head, standing amongst a variety of different stickers. They are wearing varicolored clothes, with a pink ribbon hat, a green shirt of varied shades with a pink pocket and a pen inside it, orange shorts, blue socks, and brown shoes. Their shirt sleeves and short legs are rolled up. They are mid-step. There are curtains in the foreground above them, and in the bottom corners. There is a rainbow over their head, with the left side ending in a sun, and the right side ending in a moon.


My entry for the #DATutorialEye art prompt. A combination of the prompt's eye-practicing focus, and decora aesthetic.

(Originally started 04/21 and completed 05/21.)

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Not Afraid, Pt. I

No matter how hard you run — your fears, one day, might catch you.

What will you do then?

Piece #20-2 for Spooky Celebrations, with National Face Your Fears Day.

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