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An assortment of three LGBTQIA Pride-themed icons, as well as a stylized Pride 2021 flag.

Pride Month Commission Discounts!

Throughout the month of June, all Pride-themed commissions are discounted! Save 15% on general commissions, and 25% on icons!

Icons now also available in four frame styles — circle, square, triangle, and card!

Learn more at!

(Also, for anyone curious: Ainsley, Harlan, and Pynce are three of my characters from a large cast that I'm hoping to draw more soon!)

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Portrait Icon Commissions Are Now Available

I have finished updating my general commission information doc, and also prepared a new special commission type to offer for the foreseeable future — portrait icons! These are available starting at $20 USD, and if you get a general commission worth at least $50, you can get an icon for free!

Please read through my commission information documents linked at, and if you are interested in getting a commission, I encourage you to submit an inquiry through my listing or Google form!

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October 2020 — Spooky Celebrations Master Post


This post will serve as an index for my Spooky Celebrations pieces, with links to all of them as they are posted. 🎃

For more information on Spooky Celebrations, see this post:

  1. Eve of Houndoom
  2. Day Job
  3. Creepster Custard
  4. Easier Bake
  5. Not-So-Scary Teacher
  6. Badger Badger Garlic
  7. Knocking is Polite
  8. No Mysteries Here
  9. You've Naut Mail
  10. Devil's Delight + Sugar Rush
  11. The Kraken in the Sky
  12. Reaping What Sows (+colored version)
  13. The Learning Process
  14. Pumpkin Prize (+colored version)
  15. Deep Dreams
  16. Repeat After Me
  17. Puppy Love + Candy Coded
  18. Another Devil's Delight
  19. Mutual Interest Introductions
  20. … and Steady + Not Afraid, Pt. I + Not Afraid, Pt. II
  21. Treat Exchange Program
  22. Life Drawing
  23. Ghastly Glaze
  24. Season's Sleepings
  25. Sour Stack Attack
  26. Out for Delivery + Seasonal Wares
  27. Something Wicked
  28. Berry Berry Chocolate
  29. Rest for the Wicked
  30. Mischief Munchkins + Mischief Monsters
  31. Reunion, Pt. I + Reunion, Pt. II + Reunion, Pt. III

All Spooky Celebrations art, with 39 pieces for 31 days, has finally been posted!

About a third may not have been uploaded until after Halloween's official end, but for some of us, Halloween doesn't ever really end, right?

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Spooky Celebrations Resumes + Quality Upgrade


As the remaining backlog of Spooky Celebrations pieces have all been completed, they will resume being posted today. I will likely upload 2–3 per day until all have been posted.

While there were a large number of factors as to the delays, one roadblock that has thankfully been resolved is color wash-out that was occuring whenever I would scan in art. With a bit of research and experimentation, I believe I've found solutions to help restore the vibrancy and make the pieces look more like they do in reality. (This will, of course, be beneficial for pieces aside from Spooky Celebrations as well; at some point, I may go back and replace posts with the corrected versions, but that is to be determined.)

If any of you were curious to see where the final batch of pieces would go, I hope you enjoy them. This project expanded considerably from its initial conception, and I'm very happy with the results.

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ARTeapot's League of Legends Charity Fanzine, Samhain, is Now Available!

The charity fanzine I mentioned I was participating in earlier is now available! There's over 100 entrants submitting drawn and written works, including myself!

Anytime between now and November 14 17:00 UTC, you can donate a minimum of $1 to the official zine Ko-fi in order to receive a copy (manually sent as a PDF to your Paypal e-mail address, there may be a delay on receiving your copy after donating). All proceeds are being donated to The Trevor Project.

Please consider donating for a copy. Everyone involved will also greatly appreciate if you can help spread the word!

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Spooky Celebrations Delay

Apologies for the delays in posting more Spooky Celebrations, I've been unexpectedly busy the past few days. I'll be doing my best to get caught up soon!

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October Art Project 2020 — Spooky Celebrations

This year, my October art project is themed around the myriad holidays in October, ranging from major to minor in notoriety. I will be posting one piece a day representing at least one of that day's holidays. Pieces will be in various stages of completion, from pencil lines to ink to color. My master post with links to all the pieces is available here:

Below, I have compiled a list of holidays I personally considered for art prompts, but there are additional holidays I didn't include that you may find interesting yourself. There are various holiday calendars available online that can lead you to more options; but remember, please be careful to research things like religious, cultural, and legal associations holidays may have if you choose to do something similar! I did my best to avoid including any such holidays.

01: National Black Dog Day, National Hair Day
02: National Custodial Worker Day
03: National Poetry Day, National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day, National Caramel Custard Day, World Card-Making Day*, National Techies Day
04: National Cinnamon Roll Day, World Animal Day
05: World Teacher's Day
06: National Badger Day, Garlic Lovers Day, National Plus Size Appreciation Day
07: Bathtub Day, Balloons Around the World Day*, National Pumpkin Seed Day*
08: International Lesbian Day, National Pierogi Day, World Octopus Day
09: Curious Events Day, Nautilus Night, World Post Day
10: Squid Day, Cuttlefish Day, National Cake Decorating Day, National Chess Day*, National Angel Food Cake Day, National Handbag Day
11: Kraken Day
12: Farmers Day
13: Ada Lovelace Day*, Good Samaritan Day, International Day for Failure
14: National Fossil Day*, National Dessert Day
15: National Mushroom Day, Spirit Day*, Sewing Lovers Day
16: National Dictionary Day, National Learn a Word Day
17: Bridge Day*, National Pasta Day, Sweetest Day*, Gaudy Day
18: National Chocolate Cupcake Day
19: New Friends Day
20: International Chefs Day, International Sloth Day, National Face Your Fears Day
21: National Apple Day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
22: National Color Day, National Nut Day
23: National Boston Cream Pie Day, National Canning Day, National Mole Day
24: Food Day, National Pit Bull Awareness Day*, National Make a Difference Day*
25: International Artist Day, Sourest Day
26: National Pumpkin Day, National Mule Day
27: National Black Cat Day (UK), Sylvia Plath Day
28: International Animation Day, National Chocolate Day, Wild Foods Day
29: International Internet Day, National Oatmeal Day, National Cat Day
30: Mischief Night, National Candy Corn Day, Pumpkin Bread Day, World Lemur Day, National Bandana Day*, Frankenstein Friday*
31: Halloween

(* date changes from year to year.)

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ARTeapot's League of Legends Charity Fanzine — Samhain

I came across this being promoted in a Discord server I'm in, and have decided to join and spread the word!

While more information is available in the tweet thread and the project's Discord server, here are some quick notes:

○ Sign-ups for both visual and written art are open from August 6 until August 20! Entries can be submitted any time between August 21 and October 21.
○ The fanzine will be released on Halloween, and distributed as a PDF to the Paypal e-mail addresses of all who donate to the fanzine's Ko-fi between October 31 and November 14 (extended from November 7).
○ All donations are being given to The Trevor Project.
○ Submitted work does not need to be a fully-rendered art piece or studio-quality; all levels of skill and resources are accepted, as long as submission requirements are followed.

Even if you don't participate yourself, as this is a charity project, please consider reblogging this post or otherwise sharing the tweet and information for others!