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An emaciated, grey-skinned figure seen from the stomach up. They are wearing a beaded headpiece, and have a cloth wrapped around their chest, with a string of beads hanging from the cloth. There are blue markings on their body, an earring, and a pinkie ring, and their eyes are swirling black pits. They are holding an apple that has strings of beads around it, and is leaking black liquid down their arm. The background has many strings of beads hanging.

The Hunger

"The unchecked desire for more — it can become a consumptive force all its own. And when that 'more' no longer satiates, it turns to consume its host instead."

- - -

A fantasy ailment known as "the Hunger" that afflicts those with who have become impatient with powerful, unmet (and often unmeetable) desires. It drains its hosts of their vitality and erodes their personality until all that is left is a singular aspiration; meeting that aspiration, however, does not cure the Hunger, instead causing the host to find a new, less achievable goal to strive toward, often with increasingly dramatic costs to themselves and others. The cure instead requires the host to accept the gradual progression toward their desire, or that what they wish for cannot always be achieved.

(If anyone has any additional content warnings they feel this piece needs, please let me know!)

(Originally started 01/21 and completed 03/21.)