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Animal Crossing Villager Showcases

Showcases featuring 8 Animal Crossing villagers each.

From top to bottom and left to right, included villagers are…

Showcase 1: Whitney, Kyle, Hazel, Pierce; Lobo, Bella, Goldie, Alfonso.
Showcase 2: Kiki, Mott, Rosie, Walker; Rolf, Diva, Shep, Olivia.

Showcase 1 features 7 of my longstanding villagers, plus Hazel. (At the time of drawing, I couldn't remember which squirrel villager I'd originally kept in Wild World, and confused Sally with Hazel; Sally will get her own piece outside the showcases later on.) Side decorations are the four seasons, and a Nook-branded sailboat at sea.

Showcase 2 features 8 random villagers I happen to like, including one or two I've had in different games. Side decorations are the four categories for the New Horizons museum (as of April), and an island horizon.

(Showcase 1 originally completed 03/20; Showcase 2 originally completed 04/20.)

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